Welcome to the Official Portal of UniMAP's Centre for Corporate Development and Quality Management (PUSPEK).

PUSPEK began in 2009, which the merging of two previously established units – the Quality Unit (set up in 2004) and Corporate Development Unit (established in 2006, previously known as UNIPEK). The acronym PUSPEK is short for the Malay name of the Centre: Pusat Pembangunan Korporat dan Pengurusan Kualiti.

PUSPEK was established to do the following:

1. Manage, administer, coordinate and implement activities relate to strategic planning, and monitor and report on the progress of UniMAP strategic plan implementation to the university's top management;
2. Manage, administer, coordinate and conduct activities relate to key performance indicators relevant to national level strategic plans, and is the university contact point for matters related to the KPIs;
3. Manage, administer, coordinate and implement research and implement research activities relevant to UniMAP corporate development;
4. Manage, administer,coordinate and conduct activities relevant to quality system management (such as quality audit, 5S and Innovative and Creative Circles), especially in effort to obtain and maintain MS ISO certification within the scopes determined by UniMAP;
5. Offer training programmes relevant to strategic management system, organizational performance and organizational quality management system to individuals and/or external organisations in our bid to contribute towards UniMAP's wealth creation agenda;
6. Implement special tasks/projects as required by the Vice-Chancellor of UniMAP.

The website serves as a focal point to matters related to the terms of reference above. We hope your visit to our website fulfils your purpose – but do let us know if you find that there are more things we need to include to help make your visit a more fruitful one, and of course so that we can serve you better.

Thank you.