PUSPEK is committed to provide professional, effective and efficient services and is sensitive of clients’ needs in ensuring their satisfaction through the following:

•Prepare the university’s Strategic Performance Report within five (5) working days of the verification of final data from data owners;
•Ensure that all training, consultation and audit related to Quality Management System that have been agreed upon between PUSPEK and relevant Centres of Responsibility (PTj) are implemented effectively as per planning;
•Disseminate information related to Strategic Planning/Performance Indicators from the Ministry of Education within five (5) days after information is received, and to submit data to the Ministry within the required timeframe;
•Ensure that data on Staff Satisfaction Index , and Student Satisfaction Index are prepared and reported to the university management before March of every year;
•Provide consultation to Innovative and Creative Circle (KIK) and 5S to all PTjs at least once every three (3) months;
•Ensure that PUSPEK’s Annual Report is prepared before 15 December of every year, and PUSPEK’s Annual Performance Report is provided on 1 February of every year;
•Prepare a client-friendly Strategic Management System and Quality Management System Infostructure within an agreed timeframe.