• The PUSPEK administration division will always ensure that staff prioritizes corporate image, discipline and customer-friendly image. In addition, always maintain your self-esteem and behavior. Other aspects such as planning, implementing and monitoring social development affairs, education and promoting Unimap are also practiced, especially when organizing leadership courses or during the exhibition.
  • Management of office hours is crucial to all PUSPEK staff. Working hours will be best used and encouraged to work 5.10 PM. Head of Department constantly improves the quality of service of telephone service. This deal is always taken care of to ensure that messages are received quickly and clearly. Additionally, this way can avoid working without waiting long to receive any information.
  • Duties / Functions of the General Administration Unit


The General Administration Unit is responsible for the following business:


1. Regulate general administration and staff management.

2. Plan staff training / courses for 7 days / year.

3. Manage and coordinate staff development training

4. Internal Training Management Unit / coordinate and promote course offering / training organized by PUSPEK

5. Organize and supervise 5S activities at PUSPEK

6. Asset Management & Inventory Office of PUSPEK

7. Apply, record and control the movements of the stationery stock and distribute to the needy staff

8. Management Purchase of goods, acceptance and production of stocks.

9. Management of Correspondence

10. Coordinate the PUSPEK meeting

11. Records and manages all types of holiday affairs.

12. Manage file systems and records.

13. Coordinate flight booking and Staff accommodation.

14. Provide comfort to staff and customers who deal.

15. Regulating the implementation of Annual Work Objectives (SKT) of PUSPEK staff (Coordinating staff SKT)

16. Manage and improve PUSPEK's Work Procedure Manual (MPK)

17. Review and coordinate PUSPEK staff desk files

18. Administer and supervise staff movement

19. To oversee the discipline and attendance of staff work

20. Organize and manage work visits from outside organizations to PUSPEK

21. Monitor office cleanliness and leniency

22. Coordinate public affairs and services.

23. Making department job planning

24. Manage and coordinate programs organized by PUSPEK

25. Other tasks directed from time to time.


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